Backstage per spot pubblicitario PIUMA

Oltre ad immortalare momenti di lavoro, le immagini mettono in evidenza i vari impieghi della tecnologia PIUMA.

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Piuma is a Remote Control System designed to control up to 4 axes independently.
Piuma System can record and repeat precisely any given camera movement sequence. When you need it, it becames a real time motion control system completely integrated. Piuma Remote Control System consists of 3 basic units: GyroHead, Control Console, Control Software and PC.

The GYROHEAD is the hardware part of Piuma System. It performs 4 mechanical axes connected to computer driven motor gears.

The CONTROL CONSOLE is designed in order to satisfy different needs and is totally customizable. The system can be wireless or cable controlled.

The CONTROL SOFTWARE runs all main functions, that can be set up and modified directly from the console. An additional touch-screen PC is provided in order to control more complex functions.


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